Trip to Aquaria KLCC!

Our first excursion this year... Aquaria KLCC, a fascinating place where the kids get to see exotic sea creatures in one place!

We started off the day having a breakfast together with the children at McDonald's... getting some 'fuels' for the day trip. Thereafter, we headed to Aquaria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur with a chartered bus... feeling excited on how the kids are about to spend their day :)

True to that.. at Aquaria, the live sea creatures in their respective huge 'home' was simply magnificent! There was the mighty Shark, the old and 'wise' turtle, the 'flexible' jellyfish, schools of fish playing around within their 'circle', the 'mysterious' eels, the 'gliding' ray, colorful corals and many more.... leaving the kids and us breathless! God bless!

It was a mesmerizing and educational trip we'd say :)

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