Smart Tadris™ Islamic Preschool Program (3 to 6 years)

Smart Tadris is a programme introduced in addition to the multiple award winning Smart Reader Kids® program. This programme emphasizes modules pertaining to Islamic early learning and values to complement young children's early education at pre-school level.

It offers a complete Islamic learning foundation based on six articles of faith in Islam ('Rukun Iman'), so as to equip Al-Quran literate children with relevant religious background. Based on the 'love' concept, it will help children to appreciate the greatness of Islam through education.

Along with tagline "Towards a Smart Muslim Generation", the Smart Tadris programme highlights the basic knowledge of Islam in a wholesome manner, by means of the latest methodology in the realm of education.


A 'Smart' Islamic Learning Program

Smart Tadris™ in its essence, serves to strengthen basic religious education among pre-school childrenDeveloped by the experienced Al-Quran and Sunnah experts from Masjid Negara and JAKIM, this Islamic Preschool Programme are set to nurture young children towards high islamic virtues. Smart Tadris preschool program covers:
  • Smart Akhlak
  • Smart Bahasa Arab
  • Smart Jawi
  • Smart Iqra'
  • Smart Aqidah
  • Smart Ibadah
  • Smart Reader® English Programme
  • Smart Bacaan
  • Smart Maths
  • Smart Science
  • STE(A)M
  • Creative Art
  • Smart Kinder-Tech

Preschool Session

The Smart Tadris program is conducted in the afternoon session at our center:

Afternoon session: 12.45pm to 4.45pm (Mon to Fri)
* Refreshments (15 min)


Class Size

Each preschool class size is 12:1. We maintain small learning group per class to ensure every kids get individual attention from our teachers.


Islamic Teachers

Apart from Islamic Teaching qualification, the 'Islamic Teachers' will be well trained by the Corporate Trainers which is conducted by the JAKIM. They will be exposed to the creative methodology teaching method to ensure this program are delivered to the children in exciting ways, nurturing towards Islamic foundation preschool teaching. They will continually introduce ways in communications and enhancing their skills by reading, combining ideas and experimenting to keep the class presentations lively and invigorating.


Centers Facilities

Aside from the conducive environment setup, our mini library now will also be equipped with various children Islamic reading books and materials to complement Smart Tadris™ program.


Smart Tadris™ Fees

As a side benefit, students of Smart Tadris™ are also entitled for the Privilege Card at no cost which can be use to retrieve discounts from our merchant partners. The monthly fees of Smart Tadris preschool program is RM330/month.

Please contact us to learn more about Smart Tadris™ Islamic preschool Fees.


Join Us

Leveraging with the multiple award winning Smart Reader Kids program such as Smart Reader English®, Smart Bacaan and Smart Maths together with the Islamic preschool learning, the children are to benefit greatly from the Smart Tadris program and set to move towards becoming a Smart Muslim Generation.

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