The Year that was (2009 ~ 2010)!


Dec '10

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

It is time for our students to relax and have their year end party. Several fun activities were lined up during the day. As always, this mark the start of school holiday for the kids. We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all a very Happy New Year and a great holiday. Please click here to view the year end party photos.

Graduation and Annual Concert 2010!

The Graduation and Annual Concert for students of Smart Reader Kids Seksyen 3 Shah Alam was held at Summit USJ Auditorium. To graduate class of 2010, congratulations! We hope it has been a beneficial learning years with us. The concert was also a colorful event. We'd like to thank to all parents for attending and made the event a success! The event photos can be found here.


Nov '10

Registration for year 2011!

Parents, registration at our center had begun since September. As month of December approach, only limited seats of preferred session will be available. So hurry, confirm your booking at our center for your preferred session. Your child deserves a head start in their early education!

For more information on the programs we offer, please click link below: 

On the upcoming December 2010, Smart Reader Kids Seksyen 3 Shah Alam will be organizing two holiday programs at our center for kids age 5 to 9 years. The program details are as follows:

Science Camp - Conduct hands-on experiments on 6 science projects!
Date: 13 - 15 December 2010
Time: 9.00 - 11.00 am
* All materials provided

Drama Camp - Discover and develop children creativity!
Date: 13 - 15 December 2010
Time: 12.00 - 2.00 pm
* With specialize instructor

Seats are limited. Contact us to know more about either one or both camps. Let your child(ren) explore their creativity and meet new friends during the holiday! See you there!


Oct '10

Our Center received an Award!

Earlier this month, Smart Reader Worldwide had held their 10th Anniversary dinner. It's an event where  all the Smart Reader Kids' franchisees would gather around. We're happy to inform that  we're one of the award recipient on that night. It was a memorable event for us. The event photos can be found here.

Reading Session!

Recently, we had taken few video clips of our student during their reading session. We're quite happy with their overall progress. To sum up our observation, students learning curve might varies, but with some effort, these students will eventually be able to read. Click here to watch the short clips.


Sep '10

Open Day at Our Center!

We'd like to invite all parents to come for our Open Day. Pre-registration will be open and great promotional gifts are offered during the day. There will be food and kids' activities such as coloring & story telling. Come visit us and join in the fun:

Date: Saturday, 16 October 2010
Time: 2.00 to 6.00pm
Venue: Smart Reader Kids, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam center (View Map)

RSVP us or contact us for more details!

Celebrating Hari Raya 2010!

Its been 2 weeks after the school holiday. We had celebrated 'Hari Raya' festival at our center recently. The kids came in their 'Hari Raya' clothes and we had a blast. The photos can be found here. Wishing 'Selamat Hari Raya' to all muslims, from us at Smart Reader Kids, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam!


Aug '10

It's Merdeka Day!

As part of the Merdeka day's appreciation, the kids and the teachers had prepared some beautiful 'Merdeka day' decor. The photos can be found here. Would say we are proud to be a Malaysian. Happy Merdeka day to all!


July '10

It's Sports time!

We had held our sport event on this month. The theme for this year around is 'Green Our World', so you'd expect to see more green color on the day of the event. The event went out smoothly and we had lots of fun. Check out the photos for the Sport Day event.

Mickey Mouse and Friends paid us a Visit!

Well, it's not exactly Mickey Mouse that came to our center, but its their character, movie and games that were brought to our center. It was quite fun to see the kids participating along with the Disney team. The photos can be found here.


June '10

Promotions! Parent refer Parent campaign!

We are having a promotion for parent referring other parent campaign. Participate with us on this program to entitle for an exclusive gift from Smart Reader Kids. Find out the details on our promotion page.

Father's Day Celebration!

We celebrated father's day by spending some time with the kids making handmade gift for their respective dad. Check out the gift crafted by the kids. We'd like to take the opportunity to wish to all fathers out there, a great and Happy Father's Day!


May '10

Events happening at our center

Wow! May '10 has been quite an exciting month for us. We had held several events celebrating special occasions and had a wonderful field trip with the kids. We had taken some pictures and uploaded onto our News & Events tab:

Apr '10

We're on Facebook & Twitter!

Smart Reader Kids, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam is now on Facebook and Twitter.

You will get an on-going updates on parenting tips, news, events happening, promotions and so on from our new page. Now interactions on chatting, discussion, posting and sharing comments, pictures & videos could never been easier. Please to welcome you to our Facebook and Twitter page.


Mar '10

Smart Reader Kids, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam featured in 'The Star' newspaper

We are pretty excited when the 'The Star' newspaper published an article today about Smart Reader Kids program featuring us as one of the center and interview the parent who are with us as well. The article titled "Fun Approach to Learning" can be found here.

As much as the excitement goes, moving forward, we hope to continually innovate ways of doing things to help develop our young learners to strive their best in their education.


Jan '10

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all parents a very good New Year! Happy holidays from us Smart Reader Kids, Seksyen 3 Shah Alam.

We'll commence year 2010 session (preschool and tuitions) starting 4th Jan 2010. Please visit our Acedemic Calender 2010 to view our preschool and tuition schedule.


Dec '09

Smart Mandarin™ is now available starting Jan 2010:

1. Preschool: From January 2010, Smart Mandarin™ subject will be included in our preschool program (age 3 to 6 years) at no extra monthly fees. For more information about our Smart Reader Kids® preschool program, please visit our preschool page.

2. Smart Mandarin™ Tuition: Registration is now open for parents who wish to enroll their children age 4 to 9 yrs old to learn or strengthen their Mandarin language.
Learn more about our Mandarin tuition.


Nov '09

Registration for 2010 intake is now open. Parents can contact us regarding:

1. Smart Reader Kids 2010 Preschool enrollment open for children age 3 to 6 years old. You can book a place as seat is limited! (Promotion is available)
Learn more about our preschool program.

2. Smart Reader English Tuition for 2009 / 2010 enrollment is open for children age 4 to 12 years old. Enhance your child's english with us!
Learn more about our English Tuition.

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