Sport Day 'Mini Olympathon'!

It's Sport time for us! Recently, Smart Reader Kids Seksyen 3 Shah Alam and Smart Reader Kids Denai Alam Shah Alam center had joined our HQ annual Sport Day event themed 'Mini Olympathon 2012 - Unity', held at University Malaya. This event had gathered some 3,000 crowds comprising of Smart Reader Kids children (the young athlete), parents, teachers and organizers. Judging by the size of the crowd, reflect the name given 'Mini Olympathon' as per actual event.

Despite some 'hiccups' due to bottleneck at University Malaya entrance due to size of the crowd, the event start as plan with marching, opening ceremony, national anthem, singing with mascot... and thereafter the competition starts! The kids are set to roll with their respective Olympathon games. We'd say, we admire the sport spirit shown from the children in the competition and games. Way to go kids!

Toward the end of the event, there were also 'tug of war' competition between parents from each respective center. We are proud to say that parents of our center Seksyen 3 and Denai Alam had won a game of this friendly 'tug-o-war' against other center. Congratulations! Indeed it's a good coordination and strength combined between the parents.

We'd like to thank to all, especially parents and children for participating and for the united spirit shown in the event!

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